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Klondike Web Framework
First of all let me say: I hate documentation. Well, now that I think about it, that's not true. In fact, I love documentation, I just hate having to be the one to write it.

So, with that being said, this is my stab at documenting the Klondike Web Framework. It is basically just the things that I think one would need to know in order to begin developing sites using the framework.

Now for a little history: Klondike is a web development framework that I have been developing for the past several years. It is primarily aimed towards developers who already know HTML / CSS / JS / PHP / SQL, and as such its purpose is not to allow one to develop a site with no knowledge of web development, but rather to make life easier for those who already know the basics.

To that end, Klondike is basically an advanced templating engine derived from projects I began working on in college, though several generations more advanced. But that is not all it is, it also include various other bells, whistles, libraries and utilities to aid in development and reduce the time needed to construct a site.